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Before send report, make sure you already did bellow requirements. Refresh the page and try it again. Waiting couple minutes to make sure the video is completely load.

  • * For "DONE" status, it will disappear after 3-7 days appear on this page. * Report or Request with LACK of details, will be ignored, explain it well please. * If Your Report not appear on this page after you submit via form, it happen because CACHE, don't worry, your Report already in our database. * PROGRESSING, that status meaning is we STILL working on it, no need to bug us with repeat report for same movie title.
    Difficulty each movies is different so we cannot promise you when we can deliver you request.
    Don't worry, we will delete that movie if we are unable to fix it for you, as long your Report still there, it mean we are working on it.
    Movie NameIssueDetailsResponseStatus
    Game of Thrones Third SeasonBroken StreamingGame of thrones season 3 episode 8Progressing..
    Broken Streamingthe movie wont play and it says at the top of the screen to contact you guys to fix it.fixedDONE!
    Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela (2013)Request NEW Movie (Must with IMDb Link)Video is not starting.fixedDONE!
    Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)Request NEW Movie (Must with IMDb Link)the streaming hd wont loadfixedDONE!
    Request NEW Movie (Must with IMDb Link)Movie won\'t playfixedDONE!
    Corporate or AdvertisingNo SubtitlesWhy i can\'t avail to play the videos..? The pretty little liers tv show season 4Progressing..
    Siberia (2018)Broken Streamingsiberia wont workfixedDONE!
    Defiance First SeasonBroken StreamingIf you See This Message, please REPORT us via Report Button on question mark above, we will fix it ASAP. Cheers!Progressing..
    Request NEW Movie (Must with IMDb Link)happy new year is not workingfixedDONE!
    Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018)Broken Download LinksCan\'t find download. Followed instructions on main page for FOLX.only streaming is available right now, download will work in coming monthsDONE!
    Broken Streamingbroken streamingfixed, thank youDONE!
    Spitfire (2018)Broken Download LinksNone of the download links are working!!!only streaming is available right now, download will work in coming monthsDONE!
    Frasier Sixth SeasonBroken StreamingFrasier episode not showing up. Thank you!Progressing..